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Women in Love I.Q. typically want to:

  • Make sure they don't keep repeating past relationship mistakes

  • Learn how to attract quality men and create a meaningful, lasting connection with the right one

  • Trust themselves in knowing who is right and who is wrong for them

  • End relationships they intuitively know will never be fulfilling

  • Feel more confident in expressing their authentic selves

  • Understand what they really want and need to feel fulfilled

  • Heal wounds from their past that make them feel unworthy

  • Know without a doubt when they've found "the one"

The very 1st coaching session I had with Nicki was a huge eye-opener! Her perspective helped me to make improvements that far exceeded any expectation of what I had hoped to gain. Nicki’s coaching has empowered me to make necessary and healthy adjustments that are right for ME.

- Heather

"I'm smart, beautiful and successful - why can't I get love right?"

Those words echoed in my mind more times than I like to admit. 


From the outside looking in, I had it made.  I had the high-paying job, fancy car, nice house, beauty inside & out...yet I was still unfulfilled in love. 


Every failed relationship left me feeling even more unworthy, unsure of myself, confused about what to do different and ultimately wondering "what's wrong with me?"  

Being smart and solving problems was my specialty - this is where I shined!  But, this was apparently a problem I could no longer approach strictly from my logical mind because that was getting me nowhere.

So I decided to try a different approach...and it worked!

And I designed Love I.Q. to help you get there too!

Nicki has such a remarkable way of embracing your story without judgment, in order to shine light where it is needed. I feel supported and understood as she guides with such a gentle touch. Nicki truly wants to help others find their joy and will walk with you, offering strength and compassion, as you entrust the process to unfold."

- Renee

Because this type of transformation is both powerful and demanding, I only work with brave, determined, committed women who will do whatever it takes to experience the kind of love they deserve.

Love I.Q. will change who you are and who you attract

I've found the best way to determine if this coaching program will help you reach your goals is to get on the phone for a FREE Love Strategy Session.  During our time together you will:


=> Get clear on what you really want from love <=

=> Gain insight into your relationship patterns <=

=> Uncover blind spots regarding your love blocks <=

=> Make a plan for getting the love you deserve <=

Never forget that the love you seek is also seeking you.  The sooner you book your call, the sooner you can start taking steps toward it.  You don't have to do this alone.