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Hi, I'm Nicki...

I'm a very smart, strong, successful woman whose biggest fear is that I'm not good enough.  For a long time I fought that little voice in my head that said "you're not enough".  It made me believe I was only lovable if I was smart, beautiful and successful, so I spent the majority of my life hustling for my worth. 


That hustle brought me plenty of success in some areas of my life.  It drove me to skip a grade in school and graduate early.  It caused me to lead a very successful career in a male-dominant industry for nearly 25 years and it fueled endless hours of training in the gym to get my black belt.  


But, it also caused me to have a chaotic, unfulfilling love life.  That voice and the fear behind it caused me to settle for less than I deserved in relationships.  It drove me to constantly seek attention from others and it prevented me from trusting my intuition in knowing which men were right for me. 


Finally, I realized that the voice had actually created a giant hole inside me and I was constantly looking for someone else to fill it.  All I wanted was for someone to validate me and tell me that I was finally "good enough".  But, no matter who that person was or how much they tried to prove the voice wrong, it was never enough.     


It took many years and a lot of pain to heal the relationship with myself and reclaim my worth.  But, I finally feel complete.  And in the process I found my forever love, which is sweeter than I ever imagined!   

Now, my mission is to fast-track other women in getting the love they deserve and without all the heartache. 

Education & Experience


In addition to my personal experience, I'm a professionally-trained coach and I've got experience in other healing modalities as well.

  • Certified Coach - Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

  • Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner - Master Level

  • Certified Access Bars Practitioner

  • 25 years in Corporate Leadership positions

  • Bachelor of Science - Oklahoma State University

  • Multiple Leadership Development Certifications

  • First Degree Black Belt - Mixed Martial Arts